World Class Training and Support

MaxStrength Academy

Learn the incomperable MSF protocol that makes 20 minutes and twice a week all it takes to transform clients into their strongest and most functional self.

Done For You Marketing

You will never worry about marketing. We have already developed, strategic marketing plans in place. You will never have to learn about facebook, alogrithhyms, digital adverstising-none of it! All ads and marketing are placed for you, so that you can do what you do best.

World Class Customer Service Training

During your franchise training you will learn the secrets to mastering World Class Customer service for consistently WOWed clients after every single session. Using our proven system, you will learn how to take clients and turn them into raving fans!

Business Success Tools

From sales to software to leading a team, we will be at your side. It starts with comprehensive training and continues with ongoing support. We utilize top software and tech to keep you aimed at your targets and running a profitable and successful operation.

As a MaxStrength Fitness franchisee, you will receive uncompromised support and training from the best in the industry. Our comprehensive onboarding systems will teach you everything there is to know about owning a MaxStrength Fitness. Starting with our proven, science-backed training protocol, then on to sales and world-class customer service, we will cover all the bases from the start while offering ongoing support, and it doesn’t end there.

We provide in-depth training on demand for all of the software you will use to run your business. You don’t have to worry about being left to figure out scheduling, billing, or communication with clients on your own; we cover it all.



"First off, the people that work there offer awesome instruction and motivation! Second, the limited but concentrated time I spend there and the results are amazing! I still can't wrap my head around it but the results speak for themselves. I no longer spend hours a week exercising."

Patricia Blaskovic